Libsyn and iTunes and guests, Oh My!

Libsyn and iTunes and Guests.. OH MY - new podcasts coming up!

Alright ye land lubbers, we've got some news from yer debased captain of this 'ere ship.


Ok, enough silly business for crying out loud! Why can't you just tell us the damned news!?



Libsyn and iTunes


We are working on sorting out the final details needed to post our delightful "To the Chat Cave Podcast" on Libsyn and iTunes so that the salivating ears can find an easy way listen to us.

I'm sure, if you are paying attention to these blog posts, that you may even doubt the existence of such material to which you may listen BUT do not be led astray...

We have been toiling to produce the goods for YOU and YOU and youandyouandyouandyou.

Please be patient for we will be once again TO THE CHAT CAVE to record another podcast THIS Wednesday!

We will shortly thereafter be linking our Libsyn feed with our iTunes feed after which all should be well for those who wish to download our items through such nefarious means.




We have also been been busy lining up guests to speak with us about "the stuff". Chariots of the Gods, Travels around the world, Music and Comics are all subjects we have tabled.

By "lining up guests" we don't mean in any way coercing, extorting or otherwise bending people to our will through deviant means... and we certainly don't mean that we're making them stand in single file.

Stay tuned for some heavy verbal intercourse.