What does this button do?

What does this button do?


Hello to you!


Well, this little podcast thing we’ve got going on here seems to be cruising along.

We hope you have been enjoying the whole process as much as we have.




We have begun adding episodes to Youtube!

Now now.. don’t get TOO excited, it’s only audio for now!

In the future, we would LOVE to integrate some video into our show, but for now we’re just aiming to spread our presence further into the “interwebs”.

(you see, I put “interwebs” in quotations because it’s not a real word, but we all know what it means.. right?)


Check us out at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFSwyScvGtaL4Sq24Uwz8Rw


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So, what now guys and gals?

Do you like anything in particular about the podcast? Is there something you absolutely hate about it? Let us know in the comments section on the bottom of any episode page!


If you know any of the hosts personally, feel free to let them know your thoughts in person or text.


We are going to keep working on hammering out the quality content for this audio periodical and bringing as many awesome guests as possible to the table.




We really do hope you’re finding some entertainment in all of this and we hope to keep on delivering the goods for you, our listener!


In closing, we present a public-domain picture of a small human child in a football helmet, wielding a basketball… which we found to be somewhat confusing and random BUT nonetheless, we have included it for YOU!



Thanks for tuning in!