To the Chat Cave Podcast : Episode 27 – Cars, Comics and Characters

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To the Chat Cave Podcast : Episode 27 – Feat. Justin – Cars, Comics and Characters

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In this episode, we had Justin hanging out with us in the Chat Cave.

Justin is big into fixing cars and much of the same cool stuff we enjoy so we invited him to sit in with us for this session.

Stay tuned for a smidge of chat about classic cars along with some of the usual comic book characters and movies.

Kick back, relax with your favorite pool noodle and enjoy the ride!


Topics discussed included :

  • Classic Cars
  • Captain America : Civil war
  • Legalization/de-criminalization of drugs and the sex trade
  • When it’s OK not to wear a seat-belt
  • Top Grossing Movies of all time


Notes, links and videos

1972 Dodge Demon


1972 Super Bird (AKA Jesse’s Favorite car EVER)


YAY! (Jesse hates these cars)

Video Games we want to see as movies

  1. Warcraft – with its extensive lore base, Warcraft has huge potential for Blizzard to leverage that content for any number of possible movies.
  2. Diablo – Another Blizzard production, Diablo also has a fairly robust lore base that has been decently developed over the franchises three releases. We could see this being an amazing movie.
  3. Assassins Creed – History, deceit and mystery : Assassins creed has all the elements of a great blockbuster already built right in. Combine all of that with a mysterious rogue main character and you’ve got huge potential.

Top Grossing Movies 

We wanted to save you the work of Googling for the results, so we posted them here!

Worldwide Grosses –

Top Grossing R-Rated –


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