To the Chat Cave Podcast : Episode 30 – Feat. Dave – Cool American Cities, Hard Work and PlayStation Debate

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To the Chat Cave Podcast : Episode 30 Feat. Dave – Cool American Cities, Hard Work and PlayStation Debate

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We had our old buddy Dave in the Chat Cave today and had a good chat about a great lot of things regarding life and Cool stuff in general.

Dave has seen some pretty cool places and we spent a good amount of time talking about travels and life philosophies.

We even managed to squeeze in some movie and tech discussion towards the end!

Strap on your flippers and enjoy the ride!


Notes, Links and videos

Seattle’s Raised Streets 

 The city of Seattle has an interesting secret beneath the streets of it’s downtown core. After a massive fire in 1889, The old turn-of-the-century streets were built over to accommodate newer, all-stone buildings.

The street was raised one full story to avoid the muddy conditions that were common in the region. The existing buildings along side the new road were built around, leaving their main floors to become basements.

Some of the old basements still remain and the result is an amazing sort of underground catacombs that acts as a museum.

Tours are available if you’re ever in town!

MSG and the Chinese Restaurant Syndrome

Back in the 1960’s, MSG was getting a lot of bad press. It was the boogeyman of the sodiums, possibly due to xenophobia surrounding the Chinese people.

Commonly used to enhance the flavour of foods, it was a mainstay in restaurants of all kinds but reports started surfacing that it was responsible for making people feel sluggish and ill after eating it.

This “condition” was dubbed , Chinese Restaurant Syndrome and people began avoiding restaurants that use the food additive.

Medical claims that MSG caused cancer and a host of other issues began surfacing which led to further shunning of the ingredient.

Nowadays, it is commonly accepted that MSG is in fact not that bad for you at all and that this whole things was mostly media-driven hype.

Take a look at the MedLine article HERE


The Eagles Nest 

The Eagles Nest was Adolf Hitler’s “Tea House”  during World War II and is now a tourist attraction with a restaurant and everything.

If you’re ever in Germany in the summer, you can visit this historic site if the weather is nice enough.

check out the tourism info site HERE



Neuschwanstein Castle 

Another popular Bavarian tourist attraction is the famous Neuschwanstein Castle.

The castle was built for opulence, long after the need for castles to serve strategic military importance had passed.

The castle was never entirely completed but its striking architecture draws in thousands of tourists every year and was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s magic kingdom castle.

Check out the full story and tourism info HERE.

Neuschwanstein Castle