To the Chat Cave Podcast : Episode 35 – AR Games, Batman VS Superman review and upcoming movies

Welcome to the 35th episode of To the Chat Cave Podcast!

In this episode, Jesse and Alex discuss Pokémon Go being finally released in Canada while comparing it to its predecessor, Ingress.


Jesse proclaims his love for No Man’s Sky despite the haters and the boys discuss the pros and cons to watching movies at home and in the theaters.


The episode includes Jesse’s review of Batman VS Superman followed by discussion of upcoming comic book movie releases like Ragnarok, Justice League, Infinity War and Suicide Squad.


Topics also included Alex’s discussing allegories between the Jungle Book, Life of Pi and real life.


Stay tuned till the end to hear the boys discuss new shows being born from old formats Ie. Riverdale and Fuller House and Alex’s ideas for making new movies using the proven Favreau format.






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