What does this button do?

What does this button do?   Hello to you!   Well, this little podcast thing we’ve got going on here seems to be cruising along. We hope you have been enjoying the whole process as much as we have.   YOUTUBE   We have begun adding episodes to Youtube! Now now.. don’t get TOO excited, … [Read more…]

The Next Episode among other things

Well now that you’re inside, could you please at least close the door behind you!? It’s cold outside and you’re letting the snow blow in! *mumble…mumble..%#$#* Humans, dwarfs, elves and goblins, lend your ears forth.   We have completed the recording of Episode 6!   Though twas but an eve ago, we will toil with … [Read more…]

OK, we are actually going to do this

Thanks to everyone who listened to our first official episode!   You can find that episode HERE   Allow us a moment to introduce our newest team member: snuffles the accountant! All introductions aside…     …What you may not know, is that we have been toiling still.   We will be posting 3 additional … [Read more…]

Going to be in The Chat Cave tomorrow evening for recording

Hello… I see you have returned, did you bring the stone? …what do you mean, “WHAT STONE”…  THE Stone!!!! ….oh never mind, we will deal with that later. ————————————————————————————————————————————– We hereby announce that we will be in The Chat Cave tomorrow evening recording some fresh Podcast material for the salivating ears of the populous. In … [Read more…]