Attention Vegans: This page has little, if anything, to do with the Jodie Foster movie about building a space travel device to visit your star system.


All contact shall be funneled hitherto herein and upon distinct address, with extreme prejudice and unfaltering conviction; lacking any remorse or hesitation, to the below mentioned series of characters which represent none other, exclusively and without clone, mime, mimic, reproduction and/or facsimile, the general inbox for the podcast known colloquially, in the vernacular, common tongue, Lingua Franca and street slang as: “To The Chat Cave” —->

Any refusal, negligence or inability to comply with the aforementioned instructions may result in severely overstated, unsupportable and/or refutable claims of conviction and punishment which would not include in any way: laughter and/or pointing directed towards the refusing, negligent or unable party, mockery, passive aggressive notes left on your refrigerator at work, itches that cannot/will not be scratched and grammatical errors in your tweets.



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